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Blue Yonder Offers Innovative Transportation Solutions to Customers

We offer innovative transportation solutions to customers, cutting harmful emissions, reducing fuel dependence, protecting critical assets, supporting healthy communities and habitats, and advancing sustainability goals. These technologies provide a wide range of benefits across the supply chain and beyond.

Some are new; others reimagine forgotten inventions to deliver improved experiences or achieve efficiencies that could not be accomplished with previous technology. For example, electric vehicles are evolving rapidly as manufacturers strive to meet consumer demand and reduce their environmental footprints. And even the venerable rail industry is seeing a resurgence as sleeper train services such as those offered by Nightjet are offering consumers a premium traveling experience for longer distances with the added benefit of being able to charge their devices or enjoy a meal onboard.

Similarly, the air transport challenger motor freight inc sector is also experiencing significant innovation. Airlines are investing in air taxis like those offered by Joby and the Virgin Atlantic/Virgin America partnership with Airbus to create flying car networks, while companies like Boeing and Rolls-Royce are working on a range of advanced jets that will reduce carbon emissions, lower noise pollution, and offer more efficiency than traditional models. Meanwhile, the return of airships offers a reminder that innovation doesn’t have to mean reinventing the wheel: companies like Lightyear and Echion Technologies are developing solar-powered vehicles capable of adding miles between charges or increasing travel range; and Stockholm’s transit company is revolutionizing public transport with its fleet of gondola-like vessels powered by hydrofoil technology.

Transportation agencies are also leveraging innovation to adapt to changing travel habits, advance sustainability goals, and maximize operational efficiency. Technologies such as simulation capabilities allow them to plan and operate service changes with more confidence. Electric and fuel efficient vehicle options support operational costs savings, while micromobility apps help people find and access the right mobility option for their needs.

Mastering complex domestic and international freight transportation challenges requires flexibility, visibility, control, and efficiency. Learn how the Blue Yonder TMS delivers on these needs to help you optimize your operations, drive profitability and performance, and meet customer expectations. Start a free trial of Blue Yonder today.

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