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Find a Therapist at Uticopa, the UK Therapy Network 

Uticopa is a social network where people discuss and address the issues affecting their lives. At Uticopa you can locate experienced therapists who are trained to work with any mental health problem. Whatever is your concern, you can find support at Uticopa.

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Why Therapy

Why Therapy?

If you feel unable to shift the weight of your problems and would like to speak to someone who can help, we can put you in touch with 1000s of experienced therapists across the country. >>learn more  

You dont need to deal with your issues alone

You Don’t Need To Deal With Your Issues Alone  -  join our  FORUM

At Uticopa the issues affecting your life can be shared with others who are ready to listen and offer their support. Join our Forum-based community where you can talk to other people who are experiencing similar problems.  

Explore the therapies available

Explore Different Therapies Available

There are number of different schools of therapy and most therapists use a combination of several methods or techniques. Here we cover the most widely known and used systems.  To learn more >>

icon_answering.jpgFind a Therapist

Through Uticopa you can Find a Therapist anywhere in the UK and contact them through our secure messaging system. Most therapists offer FREE initial consultation where you can establish if therapy may be a good way forward for dealing with a problem you may have. >>Find a Therapist

Problem Specific ResourcesProblem Specific Resources

Here you can learn about the symptoms, possible causes and ways of tackling various common conditions. We offer a wide range of resources including self-help tips, links to specialist organisations and much more.  >>learn more


Mental Health In The News

It has been estimated that Mental Illness is affecting up to a third of the British population and is a one of the leading causes of illness around the world. Here we review the news and developments in the subject of Mental Health, exploring the politics of mental illness and the social stigma that is often attached to it. In partnership with NHS Choices we bring you the latest news in the Mental Health. >>learn more



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